Green Cities Series 1B (Historical KL)

Fish Mosaic in Oil & Plastic Polluted Sea, Series 1 ABCD
July 20, 2019
Green Cities Series 1A (Putrajaya & Sepang)
July 20, 2019

Green Cities Series 1B (KL)

Green Cities Series 1C (Historical KL) • Acrylic on canvas • 91.5 x 91.5 cm • 2019 • by artjamila

Interpretation: The Industrial Revolution has caused global warming. In order to save the world, we must thrive towards balancing between greenery and concrete. This painting depicts the imaginary landscape of the buildings of Malaysia covered in blooming Malaysian flowers and plants. The people of Malaysia are clumped together in greens of Kuala Lumpur Historical Buildings (in Series 1C). It reflects the spirit of togetherness of the ethnics of Malaysia in turning the buildings and infrastructure into green cities.  

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