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Wan Jamila Wan Shaiful Bahri a.k.a. ARTJAMILA (b. 2002, Selangor, Malaysia)

Wan Jamila, known professionally as artjamila®, is an award-winning savant artist known worldwide. She embarked into the art industry in 2017 with numerous live painting demonstrations and has won several live painting competitions on national and international platforms. She has shown immense talents and achieved many accolades, breaking new grounds and bringing her voice to the world through art while creating history to inspire others for the next generation. In 2020, ViaTalenta Foundation in Switzerland appointed her as an Impact Artist for sea pollution awareness. She was included in the World Generation Z article by AFP (Agence France Press in Paris) for being Creative and Committed Against the Virus in 2020. British Publishing House has documented her success in the encyclopedia Britishpedia titled Successful People in Malaysia in 2020. In 2021, she was chosen as a Gen.T Honouree Asian Leader of Tomorrow. In 2022, she was awarded as ICON ANIS by the State Government of Selangor, Malaysia. Throughout the year 2022,  she is represented by a prestigious mainstream gallery in Europe and her works will be displayed at four charming locations in Europe all year round (Vienna Austria, Castle Hubertendorf Austria, Munich Germany and Complex du Louvre Paris France).  Her first grand solo exhibition titled “Voyage of Moments” organised by Galeri Shah Alam in collaboration with Creative Media Hub UiTM Shah Alam from 29th March – 15th April 2022. This exhibition was officiated by The Royal Highness TENGKU PERMAISURI NORASHIKIN D.K., S.P.M.S., S.S.I.S., S.P.M.K. TENGKU PERMAISURI SELANGOR.

Her works will be published in the Art Book “Art from Leonardo da Vinci to today” published by MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Europe in October 2022. She has impacted various industries like art, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, media communication, music, fashion and philanthropy. She has participated in 2 grand solo exhibition, 8 mini solo exhibitions; 16 group exhibitions at international level; 56 group exhibitions at a national level together with other well-known professional artists.

Artjamila is a “brand name” registered in 2018 under the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, Trade Marks Act 1976 (Trademark No: 2017013853).

Artist’s Statement

Her creation of art is purely from her soul without any formal art education, and she has developed a distinctive personal style.  In her early years as a child, she doodled her emotions and the moments she experienced through her memories. Today, she paints historical moments while relating them to current issues (e.g., climate change, sea pollution, world peace, the Covid-19 pandemic, environmental sustainability, etc.). Her art provides knowledge, examples, and awareness of ongoing events in the form of emotional touch. Her art is like a manuscript of historical events in the form of visual art. “Art is her language to the world, and it is poetry”. Her strokes touch the viewer’s emotions of joy, cheerfulness, peace and sadness.

“Art is my voice, and it is a poetry on canvas”, artjamila

Artist’s CV

Wan Jamila a.k.a. ARTJAMILA_ b, 2002; Selangor



Self-taught Artist, Home-school program


UPSR, Sri Acmar Primary School, Selangor, Malaysia.

Award & Achievement



Gen.T Leader of Tomorrow, Young Leaders across the region of Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia), by Tatler Asia.


Successful People in Malaysia, encyclopedia Britishpedia, published by British Publishing House, Britain.


Selected for World Peace Project 2020 USA (“World Peace Series 1”), in conjunction with World Peace Day celebration on 21st September 2020.


Selected for World Peace Project 2020 USA (“Our Heroes Series 2”), in conjunction with World Peace Day celebration on 21st September 2020.


Awarded as Young Malaysian Visual Artist in the World Generation Z together with other creative individuals around the world for being “Creative and committed against the virus” published by Agence France Press (AFP).


Shortlisted in a global painting competition “Our Heroes Series 3” under the theme “United Against Corona” organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).


1st PLACE AWARD in Asian frontliner theme contest, organized by Artdialogo Asia.


CHOICE AWARD (“Heal the Earth”) in an international Earthly Art Contest under the theme “CLIMATE ACTION”, organized by Think City, Kuala Lumpur.


Appointed as IMPACT ARTIST 2020-2022 by Viatalenta Foundation in Switzerland for sea pollution awareness.



ICON ANIS Award by the State Government of Selangor, Malaysia.


Second Place “Beautiful Malaysia” competition, organised by Rotary Club, Malaysia.


1st place award for Malaysia’s 64th Independence Day Visual Arts Competition 2021 which was organised by Pentas under the theme of being Malaysian and embracing our culture.


1st prize winner in the national painting competition “This is Pahang“, under category PWD titled “The Joy of Pahang”.


2nd place “Rainbow in my heart” competition by Rotary Club of Bandar Utama


Incentive Award” from Shah Alam Gallery in Shah Alam, Selangor for her painting titled “Embracing Coronavirus Series 1” (PTGSA2020)


Consolation prize for “Our Heroes Series 1 video” Portal GoGallery, by National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur (NAG,KL)


The National Autism Champion in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April 2019.


Selected work “Unity in Diversity, Dance Series 1” for Genius Kurnia mural painting for Merdeka celebration 2019, organized by Angkasa Malaysia.


Selected work “Unity in Diversity, Skyline Series 3” for Putrajaya Sculpture at Putra Square for the country’s Independence Day celebration 2019, organized by Putrajaya Corporation.


Won President’s Special Recognition Award “Putrajaya Sculpture” awarded by MIP MyPlace_Award 2019, Excellent in Placemaking.


Appointed as featured artist for “Danajamin Mightyrun 2019”, by Danajamin Nasional Berhad.


3rd place at the “National Abilympics Live Painting Competition”, organized by Malaysian Council Rehabilitation (MCR)


Weekly winner “National Live Painting Competition“NEGARAKU organized by the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

Impact on various industries

Artjamila has made an impact on various industries:

The messages in Jamila’s artwork tells the story of the past as well as current events to provide knowledge, examples, and awareness of current situations in the form of emotional touch.



2.1 IMPACT ARTIST 2020-2022: Jamila has already set her foot here by achieving the title of Impact Artist for the Viatalenta Foundation in Switzerland
for sea pollution awareness.

2.2 WORLD GENERATION Z: Her “Our Heroes series 2” painting has also been featured in the “World Generation Z: Creative and committed against the
virus” article by global news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP).



Artjamila Gallery generates its own income from selling original artwork and limited prints.


4. EDUCATION: Our contribution to the Ministry of Education are:

a) 2021 “Bahasa Melayu” Form 5 Textbook, published by Institute of Language and Literature (“Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka”) for the new standard of the
curriculum under the Ministry of Education Malaysia.
b) Featured artist for final thesis project fashion design, Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM Shah Alam.


Featured Artist for Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH) daily Facebook live Press Conference by Ybhg.Datuk Dr.Noor Hisham Abdullah, Director-General of Health Malaysia, reporting on COVID-19.


Collaboration with a music video by Yozimusic titled “The Invisible Cape”, featuring Artjamila’s “Our Heroes” painting.


Collaboration with fashion design thesis which transforms the characteristics of Artjamila’s naïve art into fashion.



8.1 SHARING SESSION WITH AUTISM COMMUNITY: Seminars/conferences under the title “My Journey with Artjamila” to the autism
community. This session was about the challenges of living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).



a) Seminars/conferences under the title “Artjamila’s Art Journey” was contributed to the art community. This session shared her art style and art
philosophy as well as her painting stories.
b) Live painting sessions at several corporate organizations, schools, and television stations.


8.3 MONETARY GIFT: Donation to the autism and underprivileged community.

8.3.1 COLLABORATION: We have collaborated with several organizations for charity exhibitions, running events, and product sales that contribute
to autism and the underprivileged community. There are:

a) Bank Negara Museum & Art Gallery (Art Bazaar in 2017)
b) In support of autism awareness, Danajamin Mighty Run partners with Artjamila to feature her artwork “Unity in Diversity” in all their
collaterals. 3,000 participants took part and had successfully raised RM 110,000.00 for NASOM.
c) Security Commissions (SC Hearts art exhibitions in 2018)
d) Alpro Pharmacy (Wet tissue product sales in 2020) every bundle packed purchased, 60 cents will be raised to donate to the National Autism
Society of Malaysia (NASOM).
e) Lawabana (Charity auction in 2019), titled “Weaving our dreams together”. All proceeds were donated to the underprivileged community.
f ) Angkasa (Artjamila painted a 6ft x 20 ft mural for Genius Kurnia in Kuala Lumpur as a tribute to Malaysia’s 62nd Independence Day in 2019)
g) Intermark Mall. Solo exhibition under the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) theme “Celebrating Unique Talents”. A portion of our
proceeds were donated to NASOM, a non-profit non-governmental welfare organization, that serves the community with special needs.



a) The Nasional Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM).
b) Construction of covered walkway at PPKI Workshop, SMK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Painting Stories


Her “World Peace Series 2” represents her view of world peace where people of different kinds can dance together in a peaceful world accepting the differences of others and embracing happiness together. This painting was selected as a header for World Peace Project 2020_Series I, curated by Keri Bowers from USA in conjunction with WORLD PEACE DAY on 21st September 2020.


Her “Voyage of freedom” documents the history of Malaysia from the British colonization in the 1786 towards gaining independence and the new millennium 2020. This painting was published in the local newspaper in conjunction with 63rd Malaysia’s independence celebration in 2020. This painting was featured in ArtMalaysia Magazine, Issue 1 on the frontpage with good coverage on her painting stories.


In June 2020, her frontliner-themed paintings have brought her to be in the World Generation Z newspaper article for being “Creative and committed against the virus” as a young Malaysian visual artist together with other creative individuals around the world that received worldwide media coverage in 6 continents of the world.


Her “Our Heroes Series 1” series documents the coronavirus pandemic and has won an Asian award and was used by Ministry of Health Malaysia in their daily social media reportings; and her “Our Heroes Series 2” painting was selected for World Peace Project 2020_Series III, USA;


On 13th September 2020, “Our Heroes Series 2” selected for World Peace Project 2020, USA, curated by Keri Bowers from USA in conjunction with WORLD PEACE DAY on 21st September 2020.


Her “Unity in Diversity” series documents the Malaysian Independence Day celebrations and has been awarded several accolades. Her “Unity in Diversity Skyline Series 3” adorned the Putrajaya Sculpture at Putra Square for the country’s Independence Day celebration 2019.


This sculpture received numerous media coverage worldwide. This sculpture won the “President’s Special Recognition award” under “MIP MyPLACE AWARD 2019: Excellence in Placemaking”.


Her “Fish Mosaic” series documents the sea pollution campaign and was appointed as “Impact Artist 2020-2022” by ViaTalenta Foundation, Switzerland and her paintings are digitally showcased at a world platform for sea pollution awareness. She is a climate and environmental activist through visual art for awareness.


Her “Heal the Earth” series document the climate action campaign and have won “Choice Award” at an international competition.


Her “Tiger” series documents the campaign against wildlife crime to avoid the critical extinction of tigers in the forest and was featured in The Edge Property Magazine Live in the main page. It was published in January 2020 titled “Roaring into 2020”.

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