Sculpture Fish Mosaic Series 1

The Glory of Special Ability, Series 1
May 21, 2020
Sculpture Octopus Series 1
May 19, 2020

Sculpture Fish Mosaic Series 1

Sculpture Fish Mosaic Series 1 • Acrylic on recycled materials • 61 x 91.5 x 30.5 cm • 2019 • by artjamila

Interpretation: This sculpture is meant to be a symbolic message to the world to always keep the sea water clean and give marine life the freedom to be healthy and happy. Humans and animals will be able to prosper with the existence of happy and healthy fish in the sea.

The fish sculpture is made of recycled materials including paper, old newspapers, plastic materials, polystyrene, and leftover canvas. The purpose recycled materials were used was to turn something invaluable into something of value. Instead of throwing away what would be called ‘unwanted’, Artjamila has turned these materials into a masterpiece.

Artjamila’s popular Fish Mosaic is painted on the sculpture, featuring numerous types of aquatic life and assimilating colourful patterns in the form of a mosaic.

The Fish Mosaic series is a collection of Jamila’s memories from her visit to the world heritage geopark called Kilim Geological Park in the fascinating island of Langkawi, Malaysia. It is the artist’s personal interpretation of the different kinds of marine life she was able to see at the geopark. Marine life are always working to keep the ecosystem of the ocean alive. Artjamila’s imagination and inborn talent of assimilating colours harmoniously in her Fish Mosaic series make her art different and unique.  

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