Fish Mosaic Series 4

Fish Mosaic Series 5
April 21, 2017
Fish Mosaic Series 3
April 21, 2017

Fish Mosaic Series 4)

Fish Mosaic Series 4 • Oil Pastel on Acid Free Paper • 36 x 53.5 cm • 2016 • by artjamila

Interpretation: The Fish Mosaic series is a masterpiece of Jamila’s memories during her visit to a world heritage geopark in the fascinating island of Langkawi in Malaysia called the Kilim Geological Park. Jamila draws her own interpretation of the different kinds of fish and marine creatures in a way of drawing them in a clump to show the art of togetherness. Her special inborn power of imagination and assimilation of patterns and colours in the fish mosaic makes her art different and unique. She has created a unique masterpiece of her memories in the form of collaged patterns of marine creatures.


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