Standing in Solidarity Series 4

The tenacious & industrious oxen, Series 1
October 14, 2021
Standing in Solidarity Series 3
October 14, 2021

Standing in Solidarity S4

Standing in solidarity Series 4 • Acrylic on canvas • 152 cm x 91.5 cm • 2020 • by artjamila

Interpretation: COVID-19 has shaken the world. It is the current enemy humanity is fighting. In this painting, personifications of countries from all around the world are in the form of arms, shaking each other’s hands to signify the message that they are standing strong together, helping each other in these trying times. Covid-19 has unite the world.
The media and world leaders as seen in the painting are showing their valuable efforts in delivering the latest news to us every day. The story of what happens in hospitals during these times are depicted in the painting, where nurses and doctors are fighting with medical equipment and loving care, expressing their distress and valiant efforts in curing the infected patients.
The army and police guard our movements during the movement control order. The firemen, cleaners and volunteers give others their needed support. Doodles of activities that should be practiced in the new normal are drawn inside large coronavirus bubbles, depicting the new normal to embrace coronavirus. Everyone is doing their part in handling the virus.
Overall, this painting expresses the unbending resilience the society of today has against the virus, adapting to new things in order to survive in this changing world. Together, we stand in solidarity to defeat COVID-19.

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