Fish Mosaic in Sewer Polluted Sea, Series 1

Fish Mosaic (Riding High with the Wave) Series 1A & 1B
May 2, 2019
Fish Mosaic in Plastic Polluted Sea, Series 1
May 2, 2019

Fish Mosaic in Sewer Polluted Sea, Series 1 • Mixed media (OIL PASTEL AND ACRYLIC AND CRAFT SAND) on canvas • 91.5 x 91.5 cm • 2018 • by artjamila

Interpretation: The Fish Mosaic series is a masterpiece of Jamila’s memories during her visit to a world heritage Kilim Geopark in the fascinating island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Jamila interpreted the different kinds of fish and marine creatures with patterns and colours in the form of mosaic. The happy marine creatures were seen during a boat ride in the middle of the clear sea water. Unfortunately, several regions of sea water are now polluted with sewage discharge. This is the doing of irresponsible human beings which cause the marine life to suffer. The unhappy and suffocating marine creatures in this painting are trapped in the sewage discharge, causing them to accept their sickly fates.


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