Embracing Coronavirus Series 1

Emotions Series 2
October 14, 2021
Our Heroes Series 5
March 25, 2021


Embracing Coronavirus Series 1 • Acrylic on canvas • 152 cm x 122 cm • 2020 • by artjamila

Interpretation: COVID-19 has shaken the world. We are battling an invisible killer, coronavirus. Health workers are on the frontlines fighting against the enemy with medical equipment and loving care. During the movement control order, the army and police guard our movements. The firemen, cleaners and volunteers give others their needed support. They are our heroes. The world has not overcome the pandemic today. Our daily lives had to change for the new normal. We must stay home and maintain good hygiene, practice online schooling and meetings, practice social distancing in public areas and limit physical contact with others. Activities in the new normal are superimposed onto our heroes to reflect the notion of embracing coronavirus. This painting is a historical manuscript of the coronavirus pandemic. Let us Embrace Coronavirus and live in a world with COVID-19.  


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